Trade Connectors facilitate orders delivery to the destination (target) exchanges.

The list of available trade connectors is displayed in this section.

In this section it is possible to add, remove and/or modify trade connector instances for the Market Maker.

In case a trade connector has an instance(s) created for it, it is displayed in brackets next to the data connector name:

  • COINBASE (2) - two predefined connectors have been created for COINBASE exchange
  • 2 - the number of existing connector instances

Trade Connector Parameters

  • Click any trade connector to display parameters window
  • Edit any trade connector parameter and click Save to apply changes
  • Click Restart Services

Add Trade Connector Instance

It is possible to create multiple instances for each available trade connector.

  • Click any trade connector
  • In the parameters window edit parameters (if necessary) and click Create
  • New trade connector instance appears in the list under the parent trade connector
  • Click Restart Services
  • Click new instance to display its parameters and available actions

Trade Connector Fees

It is possible to specify custom fees for each trade connector under Fee Schedule.

Use this option in case a specific trade venue does not supply fees with the data stream or custom (personal) fee rates are in place.

Available Actions

Create In the trade connector parameters window,
click Create to add a trade connector instance.
Save Click to save changes in the trade connector instance
Delete Click to remove a trade connector instance