Use “Start Maintenance” button to manually run the maintenance procedure ones.

Use the rest of the Maintenance form to configure automated system maintenance.

CRON - use to schedule timed maintenance tasks.

Add your CRON template and start maintenance procedure.

More info about CRON templates

Maintenance Purpose

  • Logging: archiving and removal old
  • TimeBase Streams Maintenance - purge


Backup of logs and trade streams is created with each maintenance procedure.

Archive is stored at: /mnt/data/deltix/maintenance/daily/<DATE>/ :

<DATE> represents the maintenance date.


Use maintenance variables to specify tasks to be performed by the maintenance procedure.

Some of them are required.

Delay - Required

Set the maintenance Delay in minutes to notify operator about the upcoming maintenance

Rotate Days - Required

Set number of days for the system to keep data, logs, etc. on the hard disk.

Use with caution to avoid running out of disk space.

Days to Keep Streams - Required

Set historical period for market data streams - data older than specified number of days will be purged from market data streams. This is used to saves space on the disk.

If you need to keep archive of market data, you should manually archive the data before running maintenance procedure.

Days to Keep Logs - Required

Log files older than specified number of days will be deleted during maintenance procedure.

Market Data Streams Excludes - Optional

Specifies list of Market Data streams that don’t neeed to be purged. Data streams from this list will remain unchanged after maintenance procedure.

Steams in this list should be delimited by space symbol.

Export Events - Required

If enabled, this options says that the warehouse-EVENTS stream needs to be archived during maintenance procedure.

Channel - Optional

Specify the target channel in the Mattermost or Slack for messages.

Webhook link to the specified channel.