Use to configure email notifications service in case of alerts or executions.


Specify SMTP server parameters for email notifications.

Parameter Required Description
Enabled Yes Enable/disable email notification
Host Yes SMTP server host
Port Yes SMTP server port
Enable SSL Yes Enable/disable SSL usage when connecting to SMTP server
User Name Yes Email name for SMTP connection
Password Yes Email password for SMTP connection
From Yes Sender email address
To Yes Email recipients list separated with semicolon
Cc No Email Cc recipients list separated with semicolon
Bcc No Email Bcc recipients list separated with semicolon
Max Attempts Yes Max number of resend attempts in case of an error while sending emails
Resend Interval (minutes) Yes Time interval in minutes between resend attempts
Subject Prefix Yes Prefix that is added to the email Subject
Email Notification Interval (seconds) No Notification emails interval in minutes
Send email on successful start Yes Enable/disable notification email on a successful start

Notification Flow

The event notification is triggered for either alert or execution.

The Notification Service waits for one minute prior to sending a notification email.

The notification email includes all alerts and executions occurred within the one minute anticipation period.

In the notification email alerts are displayed on top of the list followed by the list of executions.

Having sent the notification email, notification service waits for another alert or execution to trigger another notification.