Data Connectors facilitate market data delivery from external venues to the Market Maker.

List of available market data connectors is displayed in this section.

In this section it is possible to add, remove and/or modify data connector instances for the Market Maker.

In case a market data connector has an instance created for it, it is displayed in brackets next to the data connector name:

  • COINBASE (2) - two predefined connectors are for COINBASE exchange
  • 2 - the number of existing connector instances

Data Connector Parameters

  • Click any data connector to display parameters window
  • Edit any data connector parameter and click Save to apply changes

Add Data Connector Instance

It is possible to create multiple instances for each available data connector.

  • Click any data connector
  • In the parameters window edit parameters (if necessary) and click Create
  • New data connector instance appears in the list under the parent data connector
  • Click Restart Services
  • Click new instance to display its parameters and available actions

Available Actions

Start Stop Click any data connector instance to display status and actions.
Click Start/Stop to start/stop a data connector.
Create In the data connector parameters window,
click Create to add a data connector instance.
Save Click to save changes in the data connector instance
Delete Click to remove a data connector instance

Data Connector Status

Click any data connector to display all instances created for this data connector.

Status and Start/Stop actions are displayed for each data connector instance.

Once created, data connector instances get status ACTIVE automatically by default.

  • Click Stop to halt data connector instance - status changes to NOT_ACTIVE
  • Click Start to launch data connector instance - status changes to ACTIVE