Reports Page

User the Reports page to generate trade report for the specified trading days period.

To select Start or End date for the report, click on corresponding Day field and select the date:

Click on button to generate a report. Go to folder with file generated, open archive and extract .csv file:

Sample Report

Reported Fields

Parameter Description
Timestamp A timestamp (in UTC time zone) the trade took place.
Algo Id Id of the trading bot which got the fill
Symbol Tradable Instrument
Exchange Exchange the trade took place on
Account Trading account
Correlation Order Id Id the order assigned with when it is placed to the market. All subsequent cancel/replace instructions will change Order Id but Correlation Order Id will remain unchanged for the whole cancel/replace chain.
Order Id Id the order assigned with when it is placed to the market.
Order Type Type of the order (Limit, Market, Stop, Stop/Limit)
Limit Price Order Limit Price ( N/A if not limit order)
Average Price Average Fill Price
Cumulative Quantity Total Execute Quantity of the order
Quantity Order Quantity
Remaining Quantity Unfilled part of the order
Trade Price Trade Price
Trade Quantity Trade Quantity
Side Trade / Order side: BUY or SELL
Event ID External ID (Exchange based) of the trade
Settlement Date Trade Settlement Date (sent by exchange)
Trade Date Trade Date (sent by exchange)