MarketMaker version 1.* deployment setup requires one instance for MarketMaker. Deployment is performed remotely via Terraform.

Please grant SSH (port 22) access to for IP addresses below:


Market Maker Env

MarketMaker requires Amazon Linux 2 machine with minimum 8 CPU and 64Gb RAM.

Type r5.2xlarge
Disk size 425 Gb
User ec2-user

AWS AMI: Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type

The services below should be available for MarketMaker operator (I.e., via internet):


AWS Instance Location

We recommend choosing the AWS region closer to your target exchanges. Example FTX recommended region is ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo). Below is the average ping time from N.Virginia region to the popular exchanges:

exchange ms exchange ms exchange ms exchange ms
Coinbase 0.8 Binance 0.5 Bittrex 0.7 Gemini 1.0
KuCoin 0.5 Poloniex 0.8     Bitmart 0.7
    Quoine 0.8 Bitfinex 0.7 Bitstamp 0.7
Bitpanda 0.7 Binance JEX 0.8 FalconX 0.8 Huobi 0.7
BitMEX 72.6 Kraken 0.7     Deribit 74.3
ErisX 0.5 Bitbank 0.4 ItBit/Paxos 0.7 OKEx 0.8
FTX 150            

HTTPS Access

The standard deployment does not provide HTTPS access to MarketMaker services out of the box. We recommend using AWS Application Load Balancer as SSL termination for MarketMaker services.