Balances Page

Use Balances page for viewing current balances for your accounts, also Alert rules based on the balances can be specified on this page. What is showing on the Balance page of Market Maker depends on what connectors for getting balances (balance readers) are defined on the Balances page of the Universe Configurator.

Defining Balance Readers and Global Settings in Universe Configurator

The following screenshot shows how balance reader for COINBASE can be defined in the UC:

GUI on the Balances page of the Universe Configurator is very similar to Trade Connectors page – left part of the screen shows list of available connectors and created connector instances. This list followed by the form with connector properties.

Also the page contains Global Config form. Settings defined on this form affect how balances will be shown on Market Maker Balance page. The Polling interval specifies time interval of reading balance information. For example, interval 30 sec means that in Market Maker balance information will be refreshed each 30 seconds. “Disable Error Publishing” option, if true, tells Market Maker do not place error messages to the Timebase.

Balance List in Market Maker

The following screenshot shows Balances page in Market Maker:

So information shown in the balances list are available from balance readers defined on Balances Page of Universe Configurator (see previous section and UC User Guide). Interval of refreshing balance information also defined in Universe Configurator.

List of balances contains the following:

Column Name Description
Account Balance account name
Currency Account currency
Destination Name of the balance reader as defined in Universe Configurator
Vendor Vendor Name
Timestamp Time of getting balance information
Amount Remaining amount of money
Available Available amount of money (remaining amount – frozen amount)
Frozen Frozen amount of money that is locked in trading
Borrowed Borrowed amount of the available currency that must be repaid

Balances Alert Rules

Click on Alert Rules button to open the Alert Rules list window:

Alert Rules list shows the following data:

Column Name Description
Id Balance Alert Rule Id, generated automatically
Currency Balance currency
Vendor Balance Reader Name
Account Account Id (optional)
Values One or more alert threshold value. Multiple values are separating by space symbol. Alert will be raised for each threshold that will be reached.
Condition Condition that will be used to compare account value with thresholds defined in the column “Values”. Possible conditions are:

Click the button to define new Alert rule. New empty line will be created in the Alert Rules list. Fill values in this new line and click on button on the right side of the new rule line.

To delete existing rule, check corresponding checkbox near the rule id and click the button.

Balance Alerts will be sent by e-mail, setting for e-mail server are on Email Notifications page of Universe Configurator tool. Sample e-mail with Balance Alert:

Time: 2020-06-10 15:03:47.165
Alert Level: INFO
Algo Id:  
Action: Balance Notification
Description: Balance for BTC on COINBASE is 53.77258399

Time: 2020-06-10 15:04:23.224
Alert Level: INFO
Algo Id:  
Action: Balance Notification
Description: Balance for BTC on KRAKEN is 0.00337355

Algorithm: [EMAIL]
E-mail Send Time: [UTC: 2020-06-10 15:04:47]