Alerts Page

Use Alerts Page to review alerts happened in the system. Alerts page contains two parts: list of alerts and alert filter:

Filter allows to control alerts list by choosing alerts type. Check or Uncheck desired types of alerts that you want to see in the Alerts list: Error, Info, or Warning. Click on the button to apply the filter. Note that querying Timebase for a list of alerts will take some time, it depends on number of alerts that fit to the filter. During this query you will see “Loading” message in the alerts list window:

Use right mouse button click on the alerts list to get the context menu. You can autosize/reset list columns, do copy or export the list:

Menu at column headers also can be used to arrange/select columns, make additional filter by column content.

For more information about operations that you can do in alert list window, see the “Standard Operations with Grid Control” section above in this manual.