Admin Page

Use the Admin page for access control management. Key definitions:

  • Role defines a set of write permissions enabled for the role.

  • There exist a few write permissions in the system:


  • The permissions allow a user to modify/change:

    (1) trading screen;
    (2) risk/hedge screen;
    (3) admin screen;
    (4) this permission could be assigned to the people monitoring the system. The users with such permission can start/stop trading but cannot change any trading bot or risk/hedge parameter.

  • There are no read/view restrictions in the system.

  • Each user is assigned with a single role in the system.

Roles UI

Click on button to display “role name” and permissions to assign to the role:

Type a new role, e.g., ROLE_ADV_TRADER, select permissions, and click on button:

A new role is added to the system:

Use buttons to edit role permissions or delete the role from the system.


Click on button to add a new user to the system:

In a new row type a user name, a password, and assign a role from drop-down list. Click on to save the changes.

Modify a user name, its password, and roll assigned and save results by clicking button.

Select a user and click on to delete a user from the system.